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Il Confronto Letterario - numero 40 - supplemento



- Atti del X Convegno di Storia della Lingua Inglese: “The standardizing of English”, Pavia, 13-15 Settembre 2001

- John Meddemmen, Presentation

- Jeremy J.Smith (Glasgow), Ideology and spelling in sixteenth-century England

- Patrick Leech (Bologna), “Undeceiving expressions”: the seventeenth-century plain style controversy reconsidered

- Richard Dury (Brescia), The pronouns of address in Early Modern English: the generalization of you and the abandonment of thou

- Rolando Bacchielli (Urbino), The standardization of a new type of verb form in Modern English

- Giuliana Russo (Catania), The power of standard language: William Cobbett’s A Grammar of the English Language 1818

- Gabriele Stein (Heidelberg), Early lexicographical indices of English standardization

- Antonio Bertacca (Parma), Assimilatory phonological processes and standardization in seventeenth-century scholarship

- Giovanni Iamartino & Alessandra Vicentini (Milano), “More is too much when fewer will serve”: James Howell as a spelling reformer in 17th-century England

- Elisabetta Lonati (Milano), “The Reformation of Science amounts to little more than the Reformation of Language”: eighteenth-century encyclopaedias and the standardizing of English

- Susan Kermas (Lecce), The role of homophones in the standardization of English orthography. Recent trends

- Nicola Pantaleo (Bari), The gradation of deontic modality: markers of pragmatically and dialectically constrained necessity in late medieval religious texts

- Marina Dossena (Bergamo), On the border: patterns of converging usage of suld and should in Older Scots, Late Middle English and Early Modern English

- Maurizio Gotti (Bergamo), The codification of shall and will as second person future auxiliaries in Early Modern English grammars

- Massimo Sturiale (Catania), Early Modern standardization of English marginal modality. Ought to in the Helsinki Corpus and Anne Cooke’s Sermons (1548 and 1551?)

- Laura Pinnavaia (Milano, Cattolica), The standardization of the non-standard lexicon Polari

- Luisanna Fodde (Cagliari), From Federal English to English-Only legislation: attitudes towards standardization and biligualism in the United States

- Maria Luisa Maggioni (Milano, Cattolica), Standardizing new standards: the codification of “New Englishes” in the histories of the English Language (1901-1990)